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I am inspired by the magic, myth and beauty of this country. I use acrylic and work on canvas.

As you will see I work with a variety of subject matter but I enjoy working on relaxing themes, especially panoramic views, such as beach scenes. I am a Holistic Therapist so calming scenes are very important to me. Many other therapists are drawn to my work for their centres too.


I am also well known for my paintings of dolphins and mythical creatures, such as fairies and unicorns.



I have displayed my work in many places throughout the South West of England. To see where you can view my work please see my exhibition page.

Much of my work is available as prints and greetings cards. I would always recommend purchasing an original as then you can really appreciate the depth and luminosity of the colours but a print is the next best thing, especially as I sell giclee prints.


Colour is very important to me and I often choose what to paint depending on my mood and what colour suits that mood.